In this lesson you learn the how to use all Virtual Robotics Toolkit basic features, as the remote control and the method of importing LEGO DIGITAL DESIGNER models to the simulator step by step. Note that LDD is not explained in this lesson, you will find separate lessons for them. For further learning you can always participate in /host any of our free courses.


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The Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) is a virtual simulator for Mindstorms EV3 & NXT, complete with accurate physics that allow the robot in virtual world to behave exactly like a physical one in real life! You can design your own robot using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), import it into the software and then control it within the software. You can program the virtual robot using the same LEGO Mindstorms programming environments as EV3-G and Microsoft MakeCode. The Virtual Robotics Toolkit has a customizable user interface, including Default UI, Condensed UI and Fully Expanded UI. VRT Simple Toolbar includes 12 useful buttons which would help improve your simulation experience including; New Project Button, Play Button, Pause Button, Robot Settings, Scoreboard Button, Condensed User Interface and many more, as well as the Camera Controls which is used to view the robot from different angles. In Physical Robots you can control your Ev3 robot using the IR Sensor and IR Beacon or by Connecting a Bluetooth Device, But in Virtual Robotics Toolkit it’s much easier, as you can control the virtual Ev3 Robot just using your keyboard buttons (W,A,S and D). You can access the Mindstorms Port View feature from the VRT which is also explained in details in the lesson.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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