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Throughout this  course, you will learn the basics of  programming as you join Pyman & his friends from PyComics in an adventure for learning the Python programming language, with +25 interactive  exercises, 6 quizzes, +30 example programs & 5 Bonus Projects.

Number of Lessons: 7

Difficulty: Medium 


Throughout this course, students will use Spike Prime to learn the basics of Robotics, AI, and Programming as they design, build and program Sport themed robots in game-like missions, all through six lessons and 23 building and programming exercises..............

Number of Lessons: 6

Difficulty: Medium


Join the International Robotics Summer Camp 2021 free webinars related to robotics, coding and artificial intelligence hosted by the world's most famous and inspiring speakers.

Event Date: 9/13/2021


+140 Online public easy-to-use Guides, Lessons, Building Instructions, Video Tutorial and much more exclusively available on RGT platform for different educational robotics platforms.Including SALLI audio support system.



Since 2018 RGT team organize annual Online/Offline Events including competitions, online challenges, International camps and courses, webinars and seminars. 



Robots Got Talents is not planning to publish any Online Challenges in 2020, as we consider the health and safety of the participants at the first place, as there is usually a direct interaction between the team members in the training period, other than classroom courses which are distance-learning supported. You can fill-up the form available in the Challenges webpage to notify you when new challenges are available.


Classroom courses are exclusive courses developed for schools and other educational institutes, where the instructors/teachers teach the students the classroom course syllabus guided by Robots Got Talents Student Zone and using the material available in the Teacher Zone.

Student Zone: A topic-by-topic Interactive guide available for all classroom courses, used by the course participants/students to guide them throughout the course and asset the course presenters in the teaching process including guides, projects, activities, video tutorials, quizzes and much more. New classroom courses include a remarkable section named Student Notes which explains topics covered in the student guide in a more simplified and playful method.

Teacher Zone: A Download page including all the material needed by the teachers in their course, all the Teacher Zones contain a Course Book, Additional Presentations, Online/Printable Quizzes, Advertising Material, Lesson plan, RoboApp QR Codes Teacher Guide, and certificate templates.




Join our team and help us spread robotics knowledge, and education all over the globe by contributing to any of our volunteering departments:

  • Development Team: responsible for creating editing and updating Robots Got Talents Courses and camps (Student Zone, Lesson Plan, Course Documents).

  • Translation Team: responsible for translating and updating Robots Got Talents Curriculums and platforms

  • Marketing and Research team: This team is responsible for preparing advertisements, social media accounts management, YouTube video making, composing tutorials and following tech trends.

Fill out the form for the team you are interested to volunteer in, to be added to our volunteer database and when we will contact you back when we need you for a project. You can also choose to join us as a one-project volunteer where you collaborate with us on an idea of your own, or a project we are currently building, or translating a specific course to your mother language.

Volunteers would recieve a certificate of appreciation and an appreciation letter (When requested) after finishing each project, there name would also be mentioned in the course credits, they would also have benifits collaborating in any RGT future projects.

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