With Hundreds of organizations hosting our courses and using our material are mainly online it is really challenging for our team supervising all events organized world wide at the same time so we would need your help in that. Here are some of the rules and terms which you are advised follow for Classroom Courses, breaking some of these rules may result in blocking your organization from using the course or not allowing your organization to organize more courses.


Please be sure that the following rules are not for limiting your control over the course, but they are firstly for ensuring that all organizations have the same quality of service on our Robots Got Talents and having a fair competitive educational robotics community, and secondly for protecting our volunteers work from being used in a wrong way or being illegally used by anymeans. Thanks for you cooperation and understanding.

Before the Course/Signup

  • Organizations using the course are not allowed to use course guides, presentations or logos in any other course, course or challenge                                                                                        

  • Each time the organization wants to repeat the course they must refill the form (maximum. 3 times)                                 

  • You are not allowed to share or give the course material or passcodes with any other internal or exteranl organization without Robots Got Talents permission.                                                                                   

  • Read your Course Document to know how you should exactly use the materila to give your course partcipants the best experience.                                                                           

  • The organization should start the course within 30 days of the mentioned expected course starting date.                                                                                     

  • By starting the course you agree on all Robots Got Talents terms and conditions

Throughout the Course

  • Organizations are allowed to use the course for commercial uses with including Robots Got Talents name and including all the official course details.                                                         

  • National Course directors must submit (from the photo submission section in the teacher zone) a minimum of three photos after each day of the course, to ensure that the course is organized proably following all the other rules.                                                                                                        

  • For publishing any of the courses photos on social media platfroms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks, organizations must tag Robots Got Talents Official Pages/Accounts, which could be found in the website footer, or use the hashtags #robotsgottalents and #Robots_Got_Talents                                      

  • Organizations are not allowed to include Robots Got Talents Logos in any other certificates except the certificates templates available in the Teacher Zone.

Reasons why some course Hosting Requst may be unaccepted:

In some cases we do not accept course hosting requests, and we send an email mentioning the reason for not accepting the submission, If you did not receive the passcodes after 48 hours of the signup date or got any emials from us mentioning that your request may be unaccepted please press here , and usually, organizations could signup again for the course after solving the problem or using the correct info, here is a summary for the reasons why some Course Hosting Requests are rejected:

  • Wrong/Misleading information, as fake names, school names, email adresses

  • Not Mentioning the reason for hosting the course

  • Exceeding the courses used limit

  • Singnig up for a blocked organization

  • Signing up for the course more than three times

We wish you all the best course expericne, For further Inquires please feel free chat with us or send us a email on any of the following mails:

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